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Save Time - Save Money - Save Water


Water is essential for life. What easier way to give your landscape the water it needs, than to install an automatic irrigation system? Let our trained experts give you an estimate on an irrigation system today. Whether you need a new system or repairs to your old one, Turfmaster Inc. can help.


Installation & Design

Tired of dragging hoses around the yard to water your lawn and plants? A properly designed irrigation system can save you time, money, and water. Each system we install is custom designed to fit the needs of your landscape. There are many factors that go into the design process, including plant type, environmental conditions, and water pressure to name a few.


Spring Start-up

Irrigation start-ups are normally done in March to prepare your system to water in April. Start-ups consist of opening water supply lines, re-programming your controller, and setting the correct dates, run times, etc.. We also walk the entire system and check for leaks, damaged/clogged heads, and ensure proper coverage. (Repairs are an additional fee.)

Ideally watering should be done in the predawn or early morning hours. Watering at night can keep the foliage of plants moist for extended periods of time which can cause fungal problems. While watering too late in the day can cause leaf burning and excessive evaporation.


Winter Shutdown

Here in Memphis and the Mid-South area, we recommend that you winterize your irrigation system to avoid damage caused by freezing temperatures. In the Mid-South area, you may get by with not winterizing your system. But if we have sustained temperatures below freezing, you could incur costly repairs to your system. Our motto is better safe than sorry! Blowing out your system with compressed air will remove water in your system that could freeze and cause broken pipes, heads, and backflow preventers. Remember, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


Backflow Testing

An irrigation system must have a way to prevent water from your irrigation system from contaminating the potable water supply. This is accomplished by installing a backflow preventer. These backflow preventers should be tested annually and we can do this for you. Tim Murray is a certified backflow tester.

How does backflow occur?

When pressure falls from the main water supply, as may happen with a water main break, fire hydrant usage, or an unexpectedly high water demand, water from your irrigation system may be sucked back into the city water supply and contaminate the city water supply.



  1. Rain Sensors: Have you ever been driving down the road in the rain and seen irrigation systems running? A rain sensor can be installed on most any type of irrigation system. A simple rain sensor can reduce your water bill 10-15%.

  2. Drip System to water containers: Install xerigation components to water your pots or containers.



Your irrigation system needs regular maintenance to perform correctly. Adjustments need to be made regularly to compensate for plant growth, temperature changes, and broken parts. We recommend that you have your system checked regularly during the growing season. We have special equipment to locate underground wires.